CERN: Open Day 2013

On 28 and 29 September I had the opportunity to visit CERN in Geneva as part of the Open Days days .

One word: spectacular !

By providing access to various laboratories, workshops, visitors could create their own tour fitting their interests.

Fortunately we had the chance to visit the tunnels of the ‘superstar’ machines at CERN: LHC , ATLAS , ALICE and CMS . For obvious reasons, access to these was limited to a given number of peoples and, unfortunately, the tour was too short; they are still industrial plants for the occasion were opened to the public.

Great were the technicians , researchers at CERN who illustrated and guided us through the maze of their laboratories . The enthusiasm and the ease with which they explained things even complex was worthy

Among 40 exhibitions, I had, very reluctantly , choose those few who could do in the day and a half I had available .

The official languages ‚Äčat OpenDays were French and English, but if you happened to find an Italian guy , we may have a chat in Italian .

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