CERN: Open Day 2013

On 28 and 29 September I had the opportunity to visit CERN in Geneva as part of the Open Days days .

One word: spectacular !

By providing access to various laboratories, workshops, visitors could create their own tour fitting their interests.

Fortunately we had the chance to visit the tunnels of the ‘superstar’ machines at CERN: LHC , ATLAS , ALICE and CMS . For obvious reasons, access to these was limited to a given number of peoples and, unfortunately, the tour was too short; they are still industrial plants for the occasion were opened to the public.

Great were the technicians , researchers at CERN who illustrated and guided us through the maze of their laboratories . The enthusiasm and the ease with which they explained things even complex was worthy

Among 40 exhibitions, I had, very reluctantly , choose those few who could do in the day and a half I had available .

The official languages ‚Äčat OpenDays were French and English, but if you happened to find an Italian guy , we may have a chat in Italian .

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We are there…

… … on that tiny white dot indicated by the arrow

Credits NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

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A bright star in the sky

On 19 July, the Cassini spacecraft has turned their instruments to the home planet by taking a series of photos of the Earth from a distance of 898,410,414 miles.

This is one of the first photo published by NASA

Credits NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

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Braies Lake

It is an amazing mountain lake in Val Pusteria, which I had the pleasure of visiting few years ago.

Recently these places were the location for the Italian TV fiction “Un passo dal cielo” (One step from heaven), ( Wikipedia ), allowing the Italian television audience to appreciate the beauty of these places.

That’s one of the photographs taken that day

The full gallery of my photos from Braies is available at:

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Rosa, rosae, …

No I’m not studying Latin … just as first seasonal subject I used the roses from my garden, which continue to flourish in spite of my ability as gardener

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