PcInventory is an inventory system, web based, that store information about pc, servers and related devices. It allows grouping the devices into categories (such as pc, printers, scanners ...) and about each device, it allows storing many information type.

Some of this are:

  • description of the devices (description, network name, ip address, place of installation, serial number ...)
  • Hardware details (cpu type, graphics adapter, RAM size,...)
  • network cards
  • other adapters
  • software installed and purchased
  • license balance between the installad and the purchased software
  • user comments
  • custom documents upload. The system allows to upload and store many files linked to the devices. If that files are images (jpg or png) the system make its own tumbnail (GD library is required).
  • PcInventory provides a simple tickets system. It tracks the tickets by devices and allows the user to open, add notes and close the tickets.

    An historical search on closed tickets is provided.

    The applications may store invoice details. You are able to link the devices to its invoice and to upload the invoice image.