SpoolTemplate (SpTpl) is a report system based on templates. Based on XML configuration file it allows to build easyily report from database query, using few lines of PHP code

Main features:

  • based on XML configuration file (each report has its own configuration file)
  • to build a single report it require few PHP coding, it is mainly based on the configuration file
  • the data source may be database query, custom functions, or globals variables
  • you may print data from your custom function (optionaly you may pass as parameter the fields gotten from the query)
  • each report may contain many tables and each table may get data from its own query on its own database
  • Sptpl supports page header and page footer (with page numbering)
  • The databases suported by the current version are: MySQL, MSSQL, Postgresql, and ODBC. You may write the extension to your database and call it from the configuration file
  • you may set page size and margins
  • text alignment, left, center, right
  • print the report (only Windows box)
  • build Pdf or Postscript file (in SpTpl 2.0)
  • has many built-in function to perform string or math operations(in SpTpl 2.0)