This module parses a configuration file containing the details how to build the report. It executes the instructions read from that file and build the report according to the selected output (text file, PDF file, Postscript file, or the system printer. More details about how to select the output type at the tag pagemanager).

Inside the configuration file you may set what text write as page header/footer, where the module looks for the data (the available sources are database, global variables, or custom function).

When you set as data source some query, the module execute the query, for each row save the columns returned from the query as normal variables; so you may access to that columns as normal variable without distinction from data coming from query or data from PHP script or predefined constant.

The class allows the fields grouping. You set on which field make the group, also, optionally, you may set the text to print before/after the rows belong to the group. It is useful to made some header or some total when you write many table grouped by one or more fields.

The printed value may come from user function. You may define your own function and put its value into the report as a normal field. This function may get its parameters from the report's fields. See the example 2 for more detail.